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Brew Pos is a very hardware friendly product.
Essentially we can install on almost any windows 7+ product. 
We prefer to run on  “All In One”  monitor packages and have many available.
Really the quality of the product is up to you. 
From a surface tablet to an enterprise solution you can pour a coke over we can handle it all.
Keep in mind the amount of abuse your system might be in for from your staff.

works on consumer desktops and tablets
Runs on Consumer Grade
Windows Desktops & Tablets
posiflex screen
Posi Flex Station
spill resistant dispaly
Spill Reisistant Display

Star printers are some of our preferred printing devices.
We recommend the Star tsp 100 series Lan thermal printer for receipts,  and the 700 series 2 color  dot-matrix Lan  printers for the kitchen.
We can use a variety of other printers as well, determined by their ability to have a Windows driver.

star dot matrix printer
Star Dot Matrix Printer
star thermal printer
Star Thermal Printer


Card Readers
Card readers must be supplied by Brew Pos  in order to have proper encryption.


Mobile Equipment
For table side, or mobile sites Brew Pos can run on any device running windows 7 or greater. We recommend the Surface Pro.  These devices will run the full version of the program allowing your servers complete control over all aspects of the program.

windows pad
Windows Tablet

Router  and Switches
 It is vital that your POS network be isolated from the rest of your internet in order to ensure proper security.  We recommend that you use a business grade wireless router for your network.  For switches we ask you also use business grade products.  For both these products, consumer or home grade models will suffer failure and create issues in the system.

netgear wireless access point
Netgear Switch
Netgear Wireless Router Netgear Gigabit Switch


Internet Service Provider
The application requires a connection to the cloud to house and update the program.   Brew POS will run in offline mode, However proper record reporting, processing of credit cards, software updates, and access to the administration panel will require a network internet connection.