1. Starting and ending your shift as an apron or till user.

      Starting and ending your shift as an apron or till users Click to view Starting-and-ending-your-shift-as-an-apron-or-till-users How to start your shift as an apron user. How to claim an apron, how to claim a till.  How to add multiple users to a till. How to shift out when multiple users are…Read More

  2. How to adjust the tax rate

    How to adjust the tax rate From time to time the Tax changes in your city you can update your entire system with a couple of clicks of the button. Click To View Tax-Rate-how-to-change-in-admin…Read More

  3. Cash Discount or Non Cash adjustment

    There are new programs that allow for merchants to collect the cost of taking credit cards from the customer at the time of purchase.  If your considering this as a way to eliminate a big bill from your business every month we can help.   How does it work? You post signage at your location let…Read More

  4. How To Use The Epson KDS Bump Bar

    How To Use The Epson KDS Bump Bar Click to View KDS-Bump-Bar-6091a8ebb074c   Colored buttons – (not all bump bars have labels on the colored buttons and some are not labeled correctly).  These buttons should be labeled, from left to right: Bump – red Recall – gold Scroll – blue Previou…Read More

  5. Inventory – Scan Barcodes- In Admin

    Inventory – Scan Barcodes- In Admin You can now start a new Receiving Lot or Counting Batch by scanning barcodes in Admin.  You can use a USB or Bluetooth scanner . Click to see instructions Inventory-Scan-barcodes-In-ADMIN-6091a72367241…Read More

  6. Front Of House Quick Reference

        Front Of House  A comprehensive how to that is great for training.  This quick guide covers almost every thing a user will do on the system to take orders and payments. Click To View Front-of-House-training How to  start at ticklet, split a ticket, Split by seat,  assign tables and…Read More

  7. Closing Out End Of Day

      Click To See Closing-Out-End-Of-Day-60918c2f85a6a End of day procedure.  How to close out the system.  How to Z out for the day.…Read More