There are new programs that allow for merchants to collect the cost of taking credit cards from the customer at the time of purchase.  If your considering this as a way to eliminate a big bill from your business every month we can help.


How does it work?

  • You post signage at your location letting customers know that your prices are cash prices. If they should elect to pay with a card their purchase will reflect a 3.99% NON-CASH ADJUSTMENT.
  • When the customer pays their bill with a credit or debit card the software will automatically add the non-cash adjustment to their total. ( Only on totals, Not on tips)
  • You receive a deposit the next day for the full amount of the purchase.

This reduces the cost of card acceptance to minimal levels.   In real life we see the total cost of accepting cards at a restaurant drop to between  .5% and 1%  depending on how much revenue you receive as tips.



Your bill at the end of each month is $15  Total.


To add NCA to your system send us an email   at    we can get you set up fairly quickly.