Pre Auth A Credit Card To Start A Tab

Pre Authing a ticket will authorize a management established amount on the card.

The customer may then have their card returned to them and the system will be able to finish the transaction at a later time in the day without the card present.  This creates a Pre Auth Tab for the customer.

There are 3 ways to start a Pre Auth for a customer

Method 1

Start a tab from the bartender page by touching the new tab button.

Click on Pre Auth

The System will pull the customer’s name from the card if it can.

Method 2

Start A Pre Auth From a Customer Record

You can enter a customer record by touching on the customer’s name in the ticket field in the ticket

At the bottom of the customer record you will see the Pre Auth Button

Method 3

Start a tab on an existing ticket

Touch the  ticket number for the ticket in the order window

Select Pre Auth.  Or select a customer and follow the steps in method 2

Paying A PreAuth

Add Items to the ticket

When its time to pay you can choose to pay through the standard payment options, select credit card, and  choose the pre auth. Or if enabled at your location you can choose the Qucik Pay $

Chose Credit Card Pre Auth to pay with the card stored in the system