How To Use The Epson KDS Bump Bar

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Colored buttons – (not all bump bars have labels on the colored buttons and some are not labeled correctly).  These buttons should be labeled, from left to right:

  • Bump – red
  • Recall – gold
  • Scroll – blue
  • Previous – orange
  • Next – green
  • Summary – yellow

View off-screen tickets

Press the Next (green) button to advance the screen to the left, press the Previous (orange) button to move it right.

Bump entire tickets

Tap the number of the ticket:

Bump individual line items

  1. Press the Scroll (blue) button to enter scroll mode, then select the number of the ticket.
  2. Use the Next/Previous buttons to scroll up and down through the line items.
  3. Press the Bump (red) button to bump the item.
  4. Press the Scroll (button) again to exit scroll mode.




Recalling bumped tickets

Press the Recall (gold) button to bring up a list of bumped tickets.

Use the Next (green) and Previous (orange) buttons to scroll through the list.

Press the arrow button to recall that ticket.

Tickets can be reprinted without recalling them by pressing the Scroll (blue) button.

Press the Recall button again to exit the list.