When your system reads Offline

This indicates the system cannot see the internet.

When your offline you will not be able to

  • Run Credit Cards
  • Work with Gift Cards
  • Close Out

The first thing to check is your cables.

Is your terminal connected with an Ethernet cable?

Follow the wires and see if it is connected to a switch.

Is this switch  powered on? Is the power light on the device?

  • Unplug the cord from the switch and plug it back in.

If your system has a switch this device should have a cable that runs back to your BrewPOS Router.

If your system does not have a switch a cable should run from your terminal to your BrewPOS router.

Your BrewPOS router should be a Netgear router.

Does the router have power? Is the internet light on the router light up?

If the light is green the device believes there is internet, unplug the device wait 10 seconds and plug back in.  This device  will take several minutes to boot up.

If the problem is not resolved.

Your BrewPOS router should be connected to your Internet Service Provider by a cable on the back of the BrewPOS router plugged into the Blue internet port.

Confirm that this cable runs to your internet service provider’s device.

Find your Internet service providers device.

  • Turn that device off wait 10 seconds then turn it back on. Unplugging the device may not do the job if there is a battery back up.

Wait for your Internet service providers device to fully power on, this may take 5 min

  • Then power off and power on your BrewPOS router.

If you still do not have internet connection at this point the most likely cause is either your Internet service provider is suffering an outage, you have an issues with cables you did not find, (one is damaged or unplugged) or lastly your internet service providers device is blocking your POS system from accessing the internet.

Resolution to your internet service provider regularly loses connection.

We recommend 1 of 2 options,

  • You work with your network company to put in a fail over solution or a bonded solution to a secondary service provider.  This will ensure your company is always up.
  • As a second popular solution you can talk to your  cell phone company about getting an LTE router (not a hot spot, a router with an Ethernet connection). These are typically inexpensive and the BrewPOS system will use minimal data to run transactions.

To manually fail over to an LTE router you would  connect the Blue Internet port on the back of the BrewPOS router to the LTE router and the system will begin functioning.  This provides an excellent solution for locations with the occasional internet outage.