1. Splitting Tickets

    At the ticket screen choose the split icon at the bottom of the page The target button-- will show you where items will be moved to. Move items by tapping on them, they will be placed on the target ticket New Ticket-- will create new tickets to move items to. Touch the word New Ticket to move the ta…Read More

  2. Restarting Windows Print Spooler

    If print jobs are backing up in the queue you may need to restart the Print Spooler. Open the Run command (Win-R) and enter services.msc Find ‘Print Spooler’ in the list and click on the Restart link:…Read More

  3. Reopen A Shift To Enter Tips

    Sometimes a server will forget to enter Tips after running their Shift Report. BrewPOS has a feature to delete the Shift Report so the user may enter Tips. If the Till has already been ‘Dropped’, this feature is not available. Only Administrators have access to this feature. Go to Closeouts->…Read More

  4. Refund

    Open a new ticket in the POS Find your refund button, you may have to search your categories, It is usually under retail or MISC. As a last option you can look it up in ADMIN for the buttons location. Select Refund You will be prompted for the amount. Enter the amount Choose the payment type as norm…Read More

  5. Receiving Inventory Items

    Inventory is received in the inventory module of the POS. When a vendor, or you as a purchaser secure new inventory for your restaurant. You must have purchased the Inventory module to access the features. Set up for Receiving Raw materials must exist in system. Product sold as eaches without a BOM …Read More

  6. Modifiers

    Steps: From your BrewPOS Admin Back Office, select the Setup tab Then select the Modifiers tab To edit an existing Modifier, double click on it in the menu To add a new Modifier, select New from the toolbar. Alternately, you may single click on an existing modifier that is similar to the new one and…Read More

  7. Managing Payroll

    You have 6 days from the end of a payroll period to finalize payroll before it rolls into the next period. Steps: Login to your BrewPOS Backoffice and select the Timecards tab. Ensure that all timecards for the previous pay period have been closed correctly. You may edit a timecard by double clickin…Read More

  8. Keg Deposits QRC

    When you build this new product in your Setup tab in BrewPOS Admin, you must select Deposit in order to be able to track the Keg shells. Selecting Deposit will automatically apply Returnable and Customer Required when you saveWhen you build this new product in your Setup tab in BrewPOS Admin, you mu…Read More

  9. How To Reattach A Lost Payment Authorization

    Occasionally a problem in the internet connection will cause a payment to fail while in process. The Credit card machine may capture this transaction and fail to send the proper “I got it done” response to the Point of Sale. In these cases you will have a finished signed credit card slip but the…Read More

  10. Gift Cards and GC Cost and Template

    Gift Cards do not require any extra equipment, The Cost for cards at a single location is $29 monthly If you have multiple locations the cost is $49 a month and covers all locations. There are no authorization fees or usage fees on the gift cards. The one monthly fee covers everything. The gift card…Read More