1. Manage Time Cards and Payroll

      Click To Open Managing-Timecards-and-Payroll-6091ce3041ace Manage Time Cards and Payroll, edit time cards, new time cards, do payroll, tip reporting, time card reporting.…Read More

  2. Set Up and Install BrewPos Hardware

    Before you install your system make sure you have the proper network requirements met. Internet service to your building Cat 5 or Cat 6 cables run from your ISP to each station Each station requires 1 Ethernet cable drop Each kitchen printer requires 1 Ethernet cable drop Each Bar order printer requ…Read More

  3. Offline

    When your system reads Offline This indicates the system cannot see the internet. When your offline you will not be able to Run Credit Cards Work with Gift Cards Close Out The first thing to check is your cables. Is your terminal connected with an Ethernet cable? Follow the wires and see if it is co…Read More