1. Adding Items To Menu And Mods

    Adding/Editing Menu Items Steps: Log in to your BrewPOS Admin Back Office Go to the Setup tab Go to the Products tab To edit an existing item, double click on that item in your menu To add a new item, click on the New icon in the toolbar Alternately, you may single click on an existing menu item tha…Read More

  2. Transfer Permissions

    New permissions have been added for ticket Transfers on the User screen: The choices are: No Transfers – user cannot transfer any tickets Open Tickets – user can only transfer open (unpaid) tickets Open and Closed Tickets – user can transfer any ticket…Read More

  3. Tracking An Each Item In Inventory

    Adding a Product To Tracked Inventory Steps that must have been completed first Inventory must be turned on by BrewPOS Create the Product Navigate to your Product Screen Select a product by double clicking on it. Select your Locations to Sell It at Select a Base price for this Product, your modifier…Read More

  4. Time And Date Dependent Discounts Sales Or Happy Hours

    Time and date dependent discounts are located in the Admin portal allowing the system to automatically apply certain discounts during date and time periods Access Setup-Discounts-discounts Select NEW Fill in discount requirements and save Description — Text that describes the Discount. Location …Read More

  5. Taking Tax Off An Order

    You can remove tax from an entire order by opening the Discount Screen. This is the red screen you arrive at by touching the order total at the lower right hand side of the order page. Here in the upper left hand side of the screen you will find a button to toggle the Tax on a Transaction. The order…Read More

  6. Printers Recommended paper for Brew Pos

    These can be found at most office supply stores or you can buy them on amazon. Thermal paper for the receipt printer 3-1/8 (80mm) x 230' 44gsm Thermal Paper Rolls These can be found at most office supply stores or you can buy them on amazon. Paper for the Kitchen printer 1-Ply Kitchen Printer Paper …Read More

  7. Splitting Tickets

    At the ticket screen choose the split icon at the bottom of the page The target button-- will show you where items will be moved to. Move items by tapping on them, they will be placed on the target ticket New Ticket-- will create new tickets to move items to. Touch the word New Ticket to move the ta…Read More

  8. Restarting Windows Print Spooler

    If print jobs are backing up in the queue you may need to restart the Print Spooler. Open the Run command (Win-R) and enter services.msc Find ‘Print Spooler’ in the list and click on the Restart link:…Read More

  9. Reopen A Shift To Enter Tips

    Sometimes a server will forget to enter Tips after running their Shift Report. BrewPOS has a feature to delete the Shift Report so the user may enter Tips. If the Till has already been ‘Dropped’, this feature is not available. Only Administrators have access to this feature. Go to Closeouts->…Read More

  10. Refund

    Open a new ticket in the POS Find your refund button, you may have to search your categories, It is usually under retail or MISC. As a last option you can look it up in ADMIN for the buttons location. Select Refund You will be prompted for the amount. Enter the amount Choose the payment type as norm…Read More