1. Counting Inventory

    Inventory is received in the inventory module of the POS. When a vendor, or you as a purchaser secure new inventory for your restaurant. You must have purchased the Inventory module to access the features. Set up for Receiving Raw materials must exist in system. Product sold as eaches without a BOM …Read More

  2. Closeout Till Count Over Count Under

    When the close out for a till does not match the money in the till there are several likely problems that stem from employee error. Was the till fully counted and the correct bank start entered at the start of the day? Were all paid in transactions and all paid out transactions accounted for? Were a…Read More

  3. Changes To Printing

    In our latest release, you can have up to 8 Kitchen printers defined for each workstation, plus a Bar and an Expo printer. A Product can now be printed on multiple printers. Another change is that every item that prints to a ‘kitchen printer’ is duplicated on the Expo printer, not just those Pro…Read More

  4. Building Your Floorplan

    Floorplans are built out by location. If your company has more than one location, each of those sites can have up to ten different floorplans. For large spaces, this allows the different areas of the restaurant to be allotted their own floorplan, ie the patio, main floor, bar, lounge area, upstairs,…Read More

  5. Adding – Editing Accounts

    Requirements Steps: Log in to your BrewPOS Admin Back Office Go to the More tab Go to the Accounts tab To edit an existing account balances double click on the account, To add a new account click on the New icon in the toolbar These accounts are also the customer records you see in the POS front of …Read More

  6. Adding/Editing Employees

    Adding/Editing Employees Login into your BrewPOS Admin back office and select the Security tab. To edit an existing employee, double click on their name in the List To add a new employee, select New in the toolbar. Fill in the Name field. You may also optionally fill in the Email and Phone fields. T…Read More

  7. Comps-Discounts-Voids-Overrides

    Minus Button, Comps, Discounts/Overrides, Cancels, Voids BrewPos can handle changing the price of a product or removing a product from a ticket in a variety of ways through the front of the house point of sale program. Each way is tracked back to specific reports. Minus Button This button is properl…Read More

  8. Adding Or Editing Categories

    Adding/Editing Catagories Steps: Log in to your BrewPOS Admin Back Office Go to the Setup tab Go to the Categories tab To edit an existing Category, double click on that Category in the categories list To add a new Category, click on the New icon in the toolbar The category field is the name yo…Read More

  9. Adding Or Editing Menu Items

    Adding/Editing Menu Items Steps: Log in to your BrewPOS Admin Back Office Go to the Configuration tab Go to the Products tab To edit an existing item, double click on that item in your menu To add a new item, click on the New icon in the toolbar Alternately, you may single click on an existing menu …Read More

  10. Admin Install

    Installing Admin on your remote computer  If you have a previous version of admin installed you will need to remove it If this is the first installation of BrewPOS ADMIN skip to step 2. Step 1 Uninstall the old BrewPOS Admin installation Go to Control Panel->Programs->Programs and Features. H…Read More