• Log in to your BrewPOS Admin Back Office
  • Go to the More tab
  • Go to the Accounts tab
  • To edit an existing account balances double click on the account, To add a new account click on the New icon in the toolbar

These accounts are also the customer records you see in the POS front of house

  • Active – button will make the account active
  • Choose Trade Account by double clicking on the Underlined Text.

  • Beginning Amount – Sets your starting balance
  • Remaining – is the amount left, also allows you to adjust the remaining manually
  • Allow negative, this allows an account to be used past a 0 balance
  • Add monthly – automatically adds a balance equal to the amount on the first of the month

Front Of House Account Management

  • Open an account with a customer record or add a customer record to an open ticket.

Checking balance

  • Once a customer record is on a ticket, you can touch the customer name to check the account balance.

Paying with Account

  • Once a customer record is on a ticket, you can chose the other payment a tab and select trade account