Adding/Editing Menu Items


  • Log in to your BrewPOS Admin Back Office
  • Go to the Setup tab
  • Go to the Products tab
  • To edit an existing item, double click on that item in your menu
  • To add a new item, click on the New icon in the toolbar
  • Alternately, you may single click on an existing menu item that is similar to the new item and then click on Copy in the toolbar; this will populate most of the fields for you.

  • The Product ID is set by the computer and can not be changed.
  • The Description is the name of the Menu item as seen in your restaurant’s menu
  • The Alt language box is for an alternate language on the kitchen printer if you choose it.
  • Choose a POS Category. If the desired category does not yet exist, you may add it under the Categories tab by selecting New Note, Categories are for organization inside the POS terminal.
  • Choose Acct Class. If the desired class does not yet exist, you may type it in. Note, Account Classes are for financial reporting.
  • Tile Text auto-populates from the Description field, you may want to shorten the item name on the Tile. You can edit this by typing in the box
  • Icon on top bar, you may opt to put an icon in the tile with the text. A number of icons are available in the dropdown.
  • You may change the tile color by clicking on the Color Box at the top of the screen.

Locations Tab

  • Choose the location the new item will be available at by checking the box in Sell It. Note, you may add or remove seasonal menu items from the POS display this way.
  • Sell it, check mark this box to have the item show up in the Point Of Sale. If left unchecked the item will saty in your back of house but not show up in the systems as a button.
  • Cost for the item; this allows you to do profit reporting.
  • Price. This is how much you will sell the item for. It may be different at different locations.
  • Tax Rate, How much tax does this item receive,
  • Tax in price, If this box is checked the POS will calculate
    the tax into the price so the customer will be charged a specific amount. For example if you want a softdrink to be exactly 1 dollar.
  • Print To, Choose where and if the item prints. Does it need to go to the kitchen or bar printers?