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Adding/Editing Catagories


  • Log in to your BrewPOS Admin Back Office
  • Go to the Setup tab
  • Go to the Categories tab
  • To edit an existing Category, double click on that Category in the categories list
  • To add a new Category, click on the New icon in the toolbar
    • The category field is the name you want to be displayed
    • The icon will place the chosen Icon on the POS
    • Parent Category will determine if this is a prime or secondary category.
    • The alt-language will show the translation if alternative languages are turned on.
    • Availability can make the category only show up at certain times
    • Menu and Menu text is part of the menu generation platform and can be ignored unless you’re using that platform.
    • Hide this Category will make a category invisible to the front of the house POS

Changing the order of categories:

  • Select a category or sub category by highlighting it, then Choose the sort button from the menu