Floorplans are built out by location. If your company has more than one location, each of those sites can have up to ten different floorplans. For large spaces, this allows the different areas of the restaurant to be allotted their own floorplan, ie the patio, main floor, bar, lounge area, upstairs, and/or seasonal back yard.

Access your floorplan builder in your BrewPOS Admin page by selecting the Setup tab, then the Locations tab. From here, double click on the location you wish to build the floorplan for.
Select the Floorplans tab at the top of the new window.

The Floorplans window will allow you to choose which floorplan you’d like to build. Different floorplans may be selected at the bottom of the Table page in BrewPOS.

Build rectangular, square, circular, or oval shaped tables by selecting the appropriately shaped button in the toolbar.

Drag your new table where it needs to go, reshape it by manipulating the corner and side pips on the table, change the color by selecting a hue from the color palette in the toolbar, and be sure to save your work.

You can change the name and number of tops on each table by double clicking the table and modifying those items in the pop-up window.

If you have a number of tables that are similar, you can copy a selected table and then paste duplicates of it by using those buttons in the toolbar.

The Cut and Paste features can be used to move a table from one floorplan to another.

Delete excess tables by using the red X button in the toolbar.

The grid in the Floorplan window can be a useful tool but if you prefer to work without it, you can deselect the grid by hitting that button in the toolbar.

Help your tables align to the grid by choosing the Snap to Grid button in the toolbar.