Tables & Chairs:

  • White Outlines = tables that still have an open ticket
  • Red Outlines = the table has an item that is being held (has not been made yet).
  • Grey tables belong to a different server.
  • (Numbers) mean that there are that many split tickets/orders on that table.
  • From the tables screen you can make a To Go order.
  • Add Ticket = Add an additional ticket to an occupied table by

  • Chairs can be assigned to each patron using the Chair button in the toolbar. This can make splitting tickets much faster later.
  • Each table has an assigned number of people that can fit at the table. Chairs can be added simply by selecting higher chair numbers in the Chair window.
  • You can return to the Tables window by selecting the Table button in the lower left toolbar.

Splitting Tickets:

  • Using the Split button in the lower right toolbar, you may split a table’s order.
  • If the items are already separated by Chairs, selecting Split by Seat is very fast.
  • Otherwise, you may choose Even Split to split the ticket evenly amongst the payers.
  • Or, you may add multiple tickets to assign separate items to by selecting New Ticket. In the example, there are 4 total tickets with the bullseye pointing to the ticket that is currently having items assigned to it from the main order.
  • Merge Ticket will allow you to move items between tables

BrewPOS Front of House

Hold & Fire:

  • When a patron wishes for an item to come to the table at a later time, for example,when they would like to take an entrée home to their spouse or child, so that the item is still hot when they leave, you can select the item and hit the Hold button in the toolbar.
  • When the patron is ready for the item to be made, select the Fire button and the item will go to the kitchen to be made for them.

No, Add, Mod:

  • The Modifiers button in the main order screen looks like 3 bullet-pointed lines
  • Here you can tell the kitchen to “Hold the”, “Add Extra of” or make something a little different
  • The No, Add, and Mod buttons on the bottom will navigate you to the different options


  • The discounts/cancels window will be brought up when you click on the Total in the lower right hand corner of the main order screen.
  • You can modify the price by typing in a $ amount discount.
  • You may also modify the price with the % or discount buttons at the bottom. The system defaults to $ so you must choose %
  • You can cancel, comp, or remove the tax here in the top right of this screen.
  • You can add a forced Gratuity with the Gratuity button at the top of the screen

BrewPOS Front of House

Taking Payments:

  • Once the patron is ready to pay, you can find their order under the tables or the open orders buttons.
  • Selecting the Payment button (hand holding cash) will open the Payment window where you can choose cash, credit, check, gift card, or walkout.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the payment.
  • Payments may be changed or edited by touching on the payment amount.

Editing or Voiding a Closed Ticket:

  • Using the Left Arrow button at the top of the screen, you will select the History button.
  • From this window, select the closed ticket to re-open and hit the Void button at the bottom to void it.
  • Choosing Edit will allow you to edit the payment or reopen the ticket to make alterations
  • Once the ticket is open, you may alter the items as needed and complete the payment again, when finished.

BrewPOS Front of House

Adjusting Tips:

  • Use the Left Arrow button at the top right of the screen and select the Shifts button
  • The My Tips tab will allow you to adjust all credit card tips by tapping on the appropriate transaction and typing the tip on the keypad
  • Process your adjusted tips by tapping Process on the bottom. *note that this will occupy the credit card machines and other stations may need to wait to process card transactions – they will be prompted if this happens


End of Shift:

  • Use the Left Arrow button at the top right of the screen and select the Shifts button.
  • Select the My Shift tab and verify that you have no open tickets. You may run your final Shift Report on the bottom right. *note: from this screen you may go to open tickets & run trial shift reports at any time – your actual Shift Report should only be run at the end of your shift.
  • Tips – CC tips are credit cards, Gratuities are forced tips for large groups and may contain both cash and credit
  • SHIFT CASH – This is the amount you owe the house, if this number is negative, this is the amount the House owes you.

BrewPOS Front of House

All Shifts:

  • If you are a manager, you can work on the shift of other employees by touching on their open shift report. You can enter their tips and run their report, so you can close out.
  • Re-open a closed shift, one with a green check mark, by touching on it and deleting the shift report. This will allow you to correct mistakes such as forgetting to adjust a tip.


  • From the Shifts button in the top toolbar, go to the All Shifts tab and verify that all shifts have been completed.
  • If other shifts are still open, you may close them by tapping them in this tab and performing whatever action needs doing.
  • When you have all green checkmarks in the All Shifts tab, go to the Closeout tab and verify all information here is correct, complete Paid Outs, Paid Ins,
  • and Till Counts as necessary.
  • Tap the Closeout button on the bottom right.
  • A new screen will walk you through the closeout process, then alert you that the workstation will be restarted – if other workstations are still open, you will be told so here.