You have 6 days from the end of a payroll period to finalize payroll before it rolls into the next period.


  • Login to your BrewPOS Backoffice and select the Timecards tab.

  • Ensure that all timecards for the previous pay period have been closed correctly. You may edit a timecard by double clicking on it in the menu.
  1. Italicized timecards are for the current pay period.
  2. Green Highlights mean that the employee is currently clocked in.
  3. Orange highlights mean that pooled tips have not been entered for that timecard.
  4. Red highlights mean the employee did not clock out but the system automatically did so at 3:33am.
  • You can enter a new timecard by selecting the New button in the toolbar.
  • When all timecards have been confirmed correct, select the Do Payroll option in the toolbar. This will pull up only those time cards that are from the previous pay period and give you one last opportunity to review.

  • After the final review, select Close Batch at the bottom of the window.
    Once the Payroll batch has been closed the timecards can no longer be edited. This step can not be undone. Be very sure before you close the batch