Before you install your system make sure you have the proper network requirements met.

  • Internet service to your building
  • Cat 5 or Cat 6 cables run from your ISP to each station
    • Each station requires 1 Ethernet cable drop
    • Each kitchen printer requires 1 Ethernet cable drop
    • Each Bar order printer requires 1 Ethernet cable drop
  • Power to your Building
    • Power Plugs available at each station.
  • Schedule a time with support to complete your installation 1800 676 9874

Installing The Hardware

Locate your ISP (internet service providers router modem) This is the source of internet for your business.

1.) Connect your BrewPOS Router to your ISP with an Ethernet cable.

  • The router will be a Netgear router and have a BrewPOS support logo on it.
  • Power on the router and confirm that the internet light turns green.

2.) Connect your cables that will run to each station to your router. These should have been dropped ahead of time by your network installer. (Not BrewPOS)

3.) Connect a network switch to the end of the Ethernet cable running to each station

  • Power on the switch by plugging in and confirm that the lights on the cable connecting the BrewPOS router to the switch turns green.

4.) Connect the BrewPOS Station

  • Connect the Ethernet cable from The POS Station to the switch. The cable should be labeled TO SWITCH
  • Plug in the POS station power
    • If you need to remove the power connection on the POS, this safety plug that has a slide to lock the plug in place. DO NOT REMOVE THE PLUG BY FORCE.

5.) Plug in the thermal printer

  • This cable may be labeled. If not, see above picture for proper USB port.
  • Plug USB cable into the thermal printer from the terminal
  • The power switch for the printer is on its front
  • There should be a green power light on the printer when on.

6.) Plug in the cash drawer

  • The cable may be labeled this cable may be labeled. If not, see above picture for proper port.
  • The cable plugs into the bottom of the cash drawer
  • This cable looks like a phone cable but is not.

7.) Plug in the PAX credit card machine.

  • Plug an Ethernet cable from the switch to the red port on the Pax cable.
  • Plug power into the wall and connect the power plug to the power port on the pax cable next to the red, blue, yellow, dongles.

8.) Kitchen printer, Bar Printers.

  • When installing the Kitchen printer or Bar printer Ethernet cable, it may run from any switch in the BrewPOS network or directly from the BrewPOS Router.

9.) Power up the system.

  • The System should boot directly to BrewPOS.
  • Log into the system Your default first user will be the owner, User ID 14, Password 1111
  • If prompted start a bank with any dollar amount
  • If the system is improperly networked you will see a red banner displaying OFFLINE on the order screen.
    • BrewPOS is unable to assist in setup until the system sees the internet through the BrewPOS network

10.) Call Support to complete your installation and schedule training.

Support: 1-800 676 9874